What Asian country has the Most Beautiful Women?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all have different standards of beauty, but we all do get the gist of what a beautiful person is. Most of us think of physical beauty when we think of the word ‘beautiful’. A beautiful person is not only beautiful physically, but also inside. Which brings us to the question. “What Asian country has the most beautiful women?”

Lots of people from different countries have varying opinions on this matter. They’d like to say that the women in their country are more beautiful than everyone else. Asia is a very big continent, with a lot of countries, and a lot more people. In fact, Asia is the world’s most populated country and has a population of more than 4 billion people. But which Asian country HAS the most beautiful women? Well to finally answer that question, the Philippines.

Yes, that’s true. Filipinas are some of the most beautiful women on Earth. Every year international beauty pageants are dominated by Filipina women. Titles like Miss Universe, Miss Earth, and Miss International almost always get awarded to Filipina women.

One of the most beautiful aspects about Filipina women is, of course, the diversity. The Philippines is an island nation composed of more than seven thousand islands with different cultures and different people. No Filipina looks the same as another. The Philippines is a country of different races, and different beauties can be seen in every corner of the country.

But aside from physical beauty what else makes the Filipina beautiful?

Filipinas are hard-working and easily adapt to their environment and to easily adapt to the times. They keep their minds open to new ideas and beliefs. The Filipina woman is a modern woman, but also a traditional one. They value modesty, kindness, and above all, family.

Filipinas know what they want. They are hardworking and goal-oriented. They are optimistic. Amidst disaster, they smile. They find the silver lining in everything. They are beautiful.

What are the Best Dating Websites for Asians?

In  today’s generation, dating has been so much easier. Not just because of the freedom that everyone has, but because of the various platforms that have been propagating all over the world. Different websites can be accessible throughout the web, but because of the risk of being scammed, clients tend to choose those renowned websites which will help them in ending their single life. Here are the top 4 Asian Dating websites which are based on their number of clients, reliability, and features.

#1.  AsianDating.com – It is easily considered number 1 because this site has the most number of members available more than the others. Clients, especially the elderly ones, tend to go to this site because of its user-friendly features, the site asks just a few questions then it’s up to you to add details to your profile.

#2. Match.com – Second on the list, Match.com also has its huge number of clients. It’s 15 years of experience on dating world has become their advantage in various ways. Match.com still continues to develop its site for the convenience of the clients they have.

#3. AsianWomenDate.com – Despite the claim of being number 1, this site still secure #3. This site started in 2001 and has gotten a lot of clients because of its reasonable pricing. But if you ask alexa.com, this site is pretty low ranked despite the decent features they have and the great pricing they offer.

#4. FilipinoCupid.com – A lot of Filipinos are known for being hospitable and caring, this what makes FilipinoCupid.com #4, A lot of western people who loves to be matched with Filipinos go to this site because almost 25% of its members are from the Philippines. Even though that the site doesn’t have its unique characteristic, this site still offers great features that are easy to use and it also has a reasonable price for its members.

Being paired with an Asian would be a great adventure for anyone. That makes Asian people more attractive despite the fact that they are stereotyped as weird guys when they are in western countries. They need to be explored more because of their mysterious personalities and the only way to unveil these mystics is to show adoration and respect.

How to Pick-up Asian Women?

We all know that most of the guys have their specific wish list for their kind of girls they want to date and in every list, there will always be this Asian girl whom we have a hard time to approach. So here are some ways on how to pick up one with ease.

Be persistent and avoid being desperate– the first and most important rule of approaching Asian women. Most Asian women tend to expect guys to be more approaching, but that doesn’t mean they do not like you. This is the reason why Asian women seem unique for Western men; they do not show their affections easily upon your first approach which is why you need to be persistent and do things gently.

Open up and build the connection– This usually happens the second time you see her, might be on a date or somewhere. So you must be able to let her feel your interest in knowing more about her, telling her things about yourself like hobbies, sports that you do and maybe some of your family background (it may sound cheeky, but it works for most of the Asian girls). By that, you’ll be able to ask her more about her personal life (this part might be cheekier) show her the interest that she needs and be patient on listening on things about her, asking questions might make the conversation last but make sure to know your limitations in asking questions. The longer your conversation, the deeper your connection.

Know her nationality– Western people tend to generalize Chinese, Japanese, and Korean people due to their looks. These three countries have different cultures, so by being able to determine which country she belongs is a huge plus. Do your research about their culture, what are the things that you should do and the things that you shouldn’t.

Be polite– Asian Girls are sensitive, they might see politeness as a sign of your respect unless they manifest a thick layer of makeup and promiscuous clothing, these show that she might be physically Asian but culturally Western (which might be easier to approach).

Dress well– Dressing well is important as some people say that the way we dress reflects our doings, though there are some Asians who tend to look gangster or to look cool which is wrong.

There are no rules on approaching the girl you like, no guarantees of success to make your ultimate Asian girl crush notice you. The best that you could do  is to become the best version of yourself.